Dorky Child Actors Who Grew Up To Be Hot

Dorky Child Actors Who Grew Up To Be Hot

Some child actors grow up and do NOT turn out so hot. It must be hard to go from adorable munchkin child to average-at-best adult. Especially when jerks in Hollywood kick you to the curb and the world watches as you decline into sad attempts at reviving your career. But there are a lot of lucky child actors who don’t turn out so awkward. The only awkwardness that comes in to play with them is when you realize that you seriously wanna have your way with the chubby little boy from Harry Potter. Here’s a look at 10 dorky child actors who got hot!

Matthew Lewis

I did not see this one coming amirite, ladies??  Of all the Harry Potter guys, Matthew is totally my chosen one. I would love a face-to-face with him. I already have my pick-up line planned,  ‘Is that Godric Gryffindor’s sword in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?’ I hope he hasn’t heard it before!


Joseph Gordon-Levitt

If the Cereal Guy meme blows chunks when he sees your transformation, then you know you’ve gone from uber-dork to uber-hottie. Plus he made the character of Robin sexy in The Dark Knight Rises and that ain’t easy! Although it’s much easier without the retro panties and tights that the classic TV show Robin had to wear.

Jonathan Lipnicki


To be honest, muscle-y ab heavy dudes are not my ‘thing’. But they are a lot of other people’s ‘thing’, so I felt I had to include a former child actor who got all buff. And I refused to include Taylor Lautner on my list, so this is my ab compromise.  Sorry! I’m just not gonna give him the satisfaction of getting a Google Alert that he made the cut. I’m sure he cares deeply what I think.

Scarlett Johansson

Okay she wasn’t the dorkiest child but she got like a million times hotter. That’s why she’s the one of the few celebs with leaked nudey pics that people actually were interested in seeing. Only because he once had Scarjo, does Ryan Reynolds hooking up with Blake Lively seem like a total downgrade.


Josh Peck

Has someone made a ‘He’ll never have a grilfriend’ meme with him yet?? Because Joshie was MADE for that meme.  Drake, who?

Christian Bale

I mean to be fair, no one can really pull off an English school boy uniform. Actually scratch that. I think Christian could probably really work it as an adult. Does that make me weird if I wanna see that? School uniforms, no longer just a fetish for dudes, people!

Emma Watson

I still miss dorky Emma as Hermione! But that doesn’t mean I don’t love hot Emma. I love hot Emma mostly because seeing guys crushing on non-skanky and smart hot chick gives me hope for humanity. Much more than seeing guys who long to pee on Kim Kardashian. That makes me not wanna live on this planet anymore.

Which one do you think changed the most? Let me know @desijedeikin or in the comments below!